Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad

Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad
Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad

Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad

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Turn back the clock and make your chest look much younger!

Everyone knows that the older you get, the more wrinkles start to creep up on your face. But is it just us, or did nobody warn you that your chest would crinkle like a sheet of discarded tissue paper just as soon as—or even faster than—your face?

Luckily for all of us, there’s a solution that won’t break the bank or add more than 30 seconds to your nightly routine. Our Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pad just might be the simple answer to your frustrations.

With roots in science and a strong background in the medical field, silicone is a skin hero that works swiftly and effectively to give you the silky smooth décolleté of your dreams.

Best of all, they don’t require a doctor’s visit, the use of needles, the risk of side effects, or the recovery period necessary with surgery.


REMOVE + PREVENT WRINKLES: Patch reduces and prevents chest or breast wrinkles caused by sleeping on the side, sun damage or natural aging.

ANTI AGING: Rejuvenate your chest skin and prevent it from aging problems.

LOCKS MOISTURE: Silicone creates moisture -treating the skin to hydrate and smooth wrinkles.

FAST RESULTS: Medical grade silicone. No negative side effects for your chest skin.

CONVENIENT: Can be applied at night or during naps. Simply apply the rejuvenating silicon patches daily on the chest.


STEP 1. Thoroughly cleanse and dry your skin before applying the power patch for lasting adhesion and best results
STEP 2. Gently remove the plastic film and position the translucent, self-adhering patch on your chest and cleavage as illustrated.
STEP 3. Wear the patches for 6-8 hours while sleeping or for a few hours for a quick boost.
STEP 4. After use, place patches on the enclosed storage shield. Rinse patches with water and a clear cleanser as desired.

NOTE: Beauty sleep isn't only enjoyed at night sleep. Use Silicone Chest Pads - night or day - whenever you have some private time to treat and smooth out your pesky chest wrinkles.



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