Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup Brush Cleaner
Makeup Brush Cleaner
Makeup Brush Cleaner
Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Now clean and dry all your makeup brushes in under 20 seconds with Our Makeup Brush Cleaner.

This is an automatic makeup brush cleaner kit equipped with an electric handle, multiple holders, and a cleaning bowl that deep cleans the residuals and makes your brushes as good as new.

With this cleaner kit, change the way you have been cleaning your makeup brushes. The innovative design cleans and dries your brushes thoroughly and makes them free of bacterias and germs that can cause skin-related problems.

Quick And Easy To Use - Ready In As Little As 30 Seconds!

The Secret is the Centrifugal Spin Technology

Take the hassle out of the process and get the job done properly with the Instant Brush Cleaner. Attach and spin for a deep clean, and then remove your brushes dry and ready to use with no waiting time. 8 collar sizes to choose from, one for every brush you own.

When you clean your brushes regularly, they last longer and work better, plus you won’t be wiping nasty germs over your skin. Get flawless results with pristine brushes for a more beautiful, radiant you.


Fast and Mess-free: This cleaner ensures that you do not have to spend your off days scrubbing the brushes and then wait for hours to let them dry out. The electric handle uses centrifugal spin technology so that brushes are literally ready to re-use immediately. The bowl’s neck and lid design ensure there is no splash. This mess-free operation makes cleaning quick and fun.

Suitable for Different Sized Brushes: The kit comes with 8 silicone attachments that can fit almost every type of makeup brush. From your foundation brush, stippling brush to your concealer and eyeshadow brush, it can clean and dry your entire brush kit in a snap.

Durable and Versatile Design: It does more than just clean, it can be doubled as a makeup brush holder too when not being used. The kit is made of high-grade materials, that are non-toxic, odor-free, and safe to use.

Perfect for your Skin Care: This brush cleaner eliminates bacteria, makeup residue, oil, and dry skin on the brush to prevent breakouts and other skin related problems. This makes your skincare routine up a notch without degrading the quality of the brushes, no matter how many times you clean them.

Enjoy the Cordless Convenience: Being battery operated, it is very easy to power up. Simply insert 2AAA batteries, attach the brushes and begin cleaning all of your exquisite and high-end makeup brushes.


1. Gently dunk the bristles up and down in the liquid for 5-10 seconds
2. Press & hold the power button, gently raise & lower the bristles submerged for 10 seconds
3. Spin Dry for 10-20 seconds. That's your makeup brush completely clean and dry!

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